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Here you have the opportunity to post a comment on my Guests & Talk page. In case you would like to comment on a work please go to the gallery page.

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wooooooooooow tnlz luca tnkz for ur views and msgs…more
08.04.2012 06:55 by hamid movasaghi (iran)
lot of great paintings here!…more
06.06.2011 17:37 by Saffet Cokgezen (Deutschland)
in english please i dont speak german…more
27.01.2011 12:55 by Luca Palazzi (Italy)
Ein ausdruckstarkes und wildes Gemälde…more
27.01.2011 00:10 by peter frey (ch)
wow, bei den neuen Werken entdeckt!…more
21.01.2011 10:50 by peter frey (ch)
Great paintings! Bravo. Mi piace molto.…more
19.12.2010 12:01 by Ruth Batke (Deutschland)