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"Be happy" · 2010
Xiaoyang Galas Art Abstract art Emotions: Joy Contemporary Art

Tags: Abstract art · Emotions: Joy · Contemporary Art

original painting on canvas,mixed media,four boards painted, ready to hang up. Be happy ;-)

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Hi Xiaoyang,

After seeing this painting definitely I was so happy as per your title. Nice
18.10.2011 13:03 by satheesh kanna (Indien)
Thank you for this wonderful invitation to happiness. I've just sent it to a good friend as a birthday-greeting.
09.12.2012 10:04 by Rita Crecelius (Germany)
I would like to know the price of this painting.
27.03.2014 19:12 by Fetonte Luigi (Italy)
Dear Xiaoyang,
this is a very powerful painting with energy. Thank you, that I could sent it to my friend as a birthday surprise.
08.10.2014 09:38 by Gitta K. (Germany)
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