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(E. Heriberto) Hestra Portrait

Captive harmony

The first thing that one discovers about Hestra’s work are the many different elements, which hide the actual motif and make it difficult to discern. You find people who seem to be doing something, who are crowding together in order to stay within the frame of the painting.
And they remain as if captured in this atmosphere that is often a dirty gray, in which the tension between spaces, lines, colors, and values dissolves.
(E. Heriberto) Hestra
(E. Heriberto) Hestra
The man who reveals what is behind the mask. The language of the soul.

In most of his works, one can tell that he is in love with the mask, with irony, with disguise and dissimulation. And his method of unmasking itself sometimes has something mask-like about it; his poetic paintings have something alarmingly unalarming about them. Is he hiding his own nature, that of Cuban society ...? Or, as Nietzsche said, “Every profound spirit needs a mask.” This was his credo. “Every philosophy also hides a philosophy; every opinion is also a hiding place, every word is also a mask.”
(E. Heriberto) Hestra
(E. Heriberto) Hestra
It is part of the essence of the mask that, when one wears it for a long time and holds on to it with fervor, it becomes part of our being, … the mask takes root in our essence and becomes part of it.
A secret is hidden in the lives of the people in these paintings. Perhaps Hestra has something to disclose, something terrible, a stigma that would separate him from society - if society only knew ...

But anyone who knows Hestra personally will find that behind this mask of the man who reveals dark secrets is a man full of happiness and enthusiasm.