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"Desire" · 2008
Agnes Abplanalp, Desire, People: Faces, People: Women, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
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78.7 x 55.1 inch
Sehr Interessant, wie Sie den Goldenschnitt herausarbeiteten, super, Ihr Werk. Weiter so--------
9.2.2015 07:00 by Rudolf Lehmann
Nagyon jo kep elethu es szinte el. Boldog ujevet kivanok A.Varsanyi
31.12.2012 15:21 by Agnes Varsanyi
Ich finde dieses bild toll diese frau siet so arogant und hochnäsig aus und ihr blick ist toll
2.9.2010 21:01 by tt rr
beautiful piece of art. I like this.
17.2.2010 07:43 by hong mien
This is astonishing!

You are a contemporary artist in singapore with big arts!
23.9.2009 01:06 by Stella W
A titokzatos Lady nagyon jol sikerült kep. A feny es arnyek nagyon jol lathato es valahogy nekem ugy tünik egy bizonyos szomorusag vagy felelem tükrözik a szemeböl. Ezert nekem ö a titokzatos hölgy. A.Varsanyi
29.7.2009 12:35 by Agnes Varsanyi
I didn't realize how big this painting is until I saw your beautiful portrait!

Again, I just love the way you positioned the lighting and shadow here as well. It somehow helps highlight the emotion it is portraying.

17.6.2009 16:33 by Laud Perez
"Desire" is a great example of femininity in a sensuous panorama...

You truly raised the bar of the art world agnes!...
13.6.2009 11:06 by basti haryanto
Hi Agnes,

I just realized how big this painting was after I looked at your beautiful portrait! Well, most of your paintings are huge in sizes...

I won't be surprised if people who visited your art gallery were amazed and fascinated how massive and moving these paintings were...

I wanna experience viewing them in person...

PS: I noticed you have a passion for female emotions and self-expressions. "Desire" is my favorite. It gives me an awakening sensual appetite...
9.6.2009 15:49 by paul axberg
7.6.2009 03:48 by lashkina olga
Wow, das ist auch heiss!
19.3.2008 21:28 by Daniel Zubler
Das ist schon eine etwas andere Liga als die Blümchen in Ihrer Galerie...
28.2.2008 21:53 by Erich Bähler
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