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"Kamillenstrauss" (4) · 2010
Alexander Jen, Kamillenstrauss, Plants: Flowers, Impressionism, Expressionism
4 / 24 Works
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23.6 x 27.6 inch
Wundervoll, eine leuchtende Verheißung!
Herzliche Grüße Renate
28.1.2017 21:02 by Renate Horn
Sehr schöne Impression!!!!
28.1.2017 14:23 by Andrea Kaden
Wow, ein Meisterwerk! Deine Bilder sind alle wunderschön! Kompliment!
LG Inge
7.2.2013 08:00 by Inge Philippin
Luftig, frisch und einfach schön!
8.8.2011 10:25 by Jörg Schlichtholz · URL
Beautifully done, and very interesting. Makes me want to research my home digs.
3.6.2011 09:02 by Protective mask Protective mask · URL
Wright was a genius, I'd glow if I found my home was designed by him. An amazing tale told very well too. Such a touch with the past is important in my eyes since we all are the bearers of history and we never know what will become important in one hundred years.
3.6.2011 09:01 by dust maskss dust maskss · URL
I'm glad you appreciate it now and shared it with us. What a place!!
3.6.2011 08:59 by dust mask dust mask · URL
It is way to early to tell who will run or not. The media tries and force the issue, but the truth is early front runners both republican and democrats usually do not end up with the nomination or presidency. If being the early front runner was so special then Hillary would have been running against Rudy in the last election.
3.6.2011 08:58 by glass bottle glass bottle · URL
ein Traum
17.4.2011 19:54 by Saffet Cokgezen
Sie sind ein Lichtkünstler!
25.1.2011 10:00 by peter frey
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