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Andrey Bogoslowsky Biography

The endless traveler.

The older I get more often I realize that the journey of life begins each morning. With one step at the time I walk my daily tasks, and only sometimes, when I look at old paintings or photographs, I came to realize IT (life as was) will never-ever happen again. IT took place only once in the history of this Universe. My own thoughts and actions created a mark in space-time. And may be, only may be, in some other, paralel Universe things will happen diferently. But I am here. And in here every moment of life is so fleeting. Everything is floating like music, and only in ignorant mind one is sure of things to come, forgetting one thing: the future, the tomorow is a blank page yet, and yet to be painted on!

1966 Saratov, Russia I was born in a very humble family, on the banks of a great river Volga. Father of my father, Ivan Ivanovich Bogoslowsky was one of 11 children, but only four brothers survived the hunger of the 1920's and the Stalin regime. My great-grand father, also Ivan Ivanovich and his oldest son were taken to Gulag for no apparent reason.
about 1976 My father Yuri Ivanovich Bogoslowsky leaves me and my mother Tamara Plasun-Shamshyn. Or may be my mother kick him out. Its not clear now.
1978 to Poland. My mother found a great man to marry. Tadeus Duchniewicz was from Polish family, born in Letuenia in 1939. Tad started helping me out with homework and I turn in to a good student. And I painted my first oil painting on canvas(copy of pirate J.Morgan from a woodcut from russian translation of"Pirates of the Carebian and the southerns seas")
1981 to Olsztyn, High school in Olsztyn, Prussia. About 30 miles from Lidzbarg Warminski where my mom lives til now.
1981 to 1985 I started going to Olsztyn's comunity center to paint in art studio. By 1985 I have created over 100 oil on canvas paintings.
1985-1988 I studied arts in diferent schools, Warszawa, Prague, Budapest, Sofia, Madrid.
1988 August USA admited me as a political refugee. I came to New York City.
1988 to 1994 Had few art shows, sold many t-shirts with my designs. My first daughter Sasha was born.
1993 to 2002 Got divorced. Had many shows donated many paintings. Sold many paintings.
2003 to now Moved to Washington DC. Got remarried, now have two more dauthers. Paint 40 to 50 hours a week.