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Is this available?
21.11.2012 02:57 by coach outlet online coach outlet online · URL
Work comment
Is this available?
How big is this one?
4.7.2011 23:28 by Kaku Kaku amico
Work comment
I love this one. Is this available?
4.7.2011 23:25 by Kaku Kaku Amico
Work comment
this is amazing.
Is this for sale?
4.7.2011 23:24 by Kaku. Kaku amico
Work comment
A wonderful picture with much,much atmosphere..we would be interested very much,but I am afraid it is to big...must take the measure and think about it..its great
7.10.2010 15:09 by ursula wolff
Work comment
Amazing art.
14.10.2007 18:39 by Taburoki aki
Work comment
Is this your model? She is absolutly beautiful.
11.10.2007 12:34 by Worthwhile Ankel
Work comment
You're right, she looks like very proud and self confident.. There is also a lot of power and great colors combinations (ups, sorry for my english...)
10.10.2007 00:08 by Renate Bärtschi
Work comment
great art man!
6.10.2007 21:45 by Mirek luma