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VideoNoize #1 Project: Arte Offensiva by videonoize
Artist: videonoize
Audiovisual art installation for Arte Offensiva/Bergen/Norway Produced by VideoNoize (Italia & Norway) An avantgarde-noisetech audiovisual research,artistic multimedia production behind the uncompromising visions of the artists manipulative processing. Alex von C.-Sound designer,music producer,fx terrorist Adrian AM-Video producer,Id developer

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ZKM Space Invaders Installation by commonlightsDOTcom
Artist: commonlightsDOTcom
Up on the liftlux checking the installation in the ZKM. Installation : Rainer Kehres & Sebastian Hungerer

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She loves me, She loves me not by futureshorts
Artist: futureshorts
Dir: Jamie Rafn United Kingdom - 2003 A man sits iin a pub, soaked to the skin in Guinness. He reflects on the ups and downs of his relationship.

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(drive to) cut your hand off by manvsmagnet
Artist: manvsmagnet
An interpretation of a dream, this piece explores the humorous notion of an already severed arm in the process of having the hand washed, and then cut off. Audio: Aural Pfister ( (

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