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Ideal Girl by leahgold
Artist: leahgold
dolls, little girls, mannequins

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Bewerten? Was eigentlich? Hmmm...Habe vor Jahren einen (damals noch "Kurzfilm" angesehen mit dem Titel: "20 Barbiepuppen fallen um" (oder so ähnlichkennt den jemand ? zufällig?) War mit weniger Aufwand und mehr Spaß hergestellt und vielleicht deshalb extrem vielsagender. Ratlos...
11.11.2007 21:57 by Zeynep Eichler (Switzerland)

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ZKM Space Invaders Installation by commonlightsDOTcom
Artist: commonlightsDOTcom
Up on the liftlux checking the installation in the ZKM. Installation : Rainer Kehres & Sebastian Hungerer

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Sukkeret-Og-Pepper--(Part-1) by Padukem
Artist: Padukem
Norwegian Dadaist Joek Friiss 1927 classic is here again at last, brought back to life for the general public courtesy of Taped Rugs Productions. Similar in style to the Dadaist/Surrealist films of Hans Richter and Viking Eggeling, Sukkeret Og Pepper (Sugar And Pepper) overlays seemingly disjointed vignettes, smudges, and situations, repeating themes and discarding logic in a bewildering cavalcade of imagery. Avant Garde recording artist Charles Goff III lends a modern interpretation to Friiss original score, incorporating a wide variety of sounds as well as several Scandanavian voices into the mix. (Part 1 Of 2)

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Meat by futureshorts
Artist: futureshorts
Dir. Slava Ross / Russia / 2002 Times are hard for single mothers. But there are things young boys don't want to know. A tremendously touching drama about growing up in 20th century Russia.

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