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Ideal Girl by leahgold
Artist: leahgold
dolls, little girls, mannequins

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Bewerten? Was eigentlich? Hmmm...Habe vor Jahren einen (damals noch "Kurzfilm" angesehen mit dem Titel: "20 Barbiepuppen fallen um" (oder so ähnlichkennt den jemand ? zufällig?) War mit weniger Aufwand und mehr Spaß hergestellt und vielleicht deshalb extrem vielsagender. Ratlos...
11.11.2007 21:57 by Zeynep Eichler (Switzerland)

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Sand Art - Lets Get Together by sandfantasy
Artist: sandfantasy
Watching "Sand Fantasy" come to life in real time has an extraordinary effect on the audience. A video camera is positioned over the glass table upon which Ilana creates her magic in sand. The image is instantaneously projected onto a big screen for the audience to see. Specially chosen music, enhancing the mood, accompanies the entire process!

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On S'Embrasse by futureshorts
Artist: futureshorts
On S'Embrasse Dir. Pierre Oliver / France / 2001 A girl arrives at her audition ten minutes early. Finding it difficult to learn her lines, she approaches a man nearby for help.....

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Yes, beautyfull video, one of my favorite
18.11.2010 17:58 by peter frey (ch)
Only french can do films in this way. Like it very much!
18.11.2010 17:38 by Maria Gust (D)

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