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Get Real

Via artoffer, we make the works of our artists accessible to an international audience. But even the most modern technology for presenting the artwork, or the best picture quality, can never fully do justice to the real artwork, anymore than an art book can, no matter how splendid the reproductions.

A work of art – a painting, a sculpture, an installation – with its beauty, its power of expression, its impact, can only be fully appreciated by standing directly in front of it and taking it in.

For this reason, artoffer, since its founding, has followed the principle "explore virtually – experience in reality". The project "Get Real" aims to tempt our visitors out of the two-dimensional, inanimate virtual world and back into vivid reality.

Visit the destination of your choice. Exhibitions, vernissages, artists' studios and art galleries all open their doors to you and welcome your visit.

explore virtually

At a loss when it comes to art?

Discover a whole new world!

experience in reality

In the mood for a vernissage, visiting an artists' studio, meeting fellow art lovers, conversations with artists

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