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connects to real life

The Internet has many unbeatable advantages for its users: there is no faster,
simpler or more efficient medium for generating contacts, communication and
networking. The Internet allows people in the furthest corners of the globe to
connect with the rest of the world; to obtain information, knowledge or even
an education. As well as this, everyone can actively contribute their own
knowledge to the wealth of information that is already out there.

For more than a decade, artoffer has been using
the Internet to exploit precisely these advan-
tages in the name of art. We make our artists'
works accessible to the global audience. But
even when using the very latest technology
and top-quality pictures to present works of
art, these cannot completely do justice to the
real-life piece, just as an art book can never be
more than merely pictures, even if the reproductions are superb.
The beauty, the expression, the effect of a work of art – be it a painting,
a sculpture or an installation – can only truly be appreciated by standing
in front of it and absorbing it.

artoffer connects to real life

This is why, right from the start, artoffer's motto has been "virtual
discovery – real experience". A visit to the virtual gallery created by
one of our artists is intended to encourage art enthusiasts to go and
see their favourite works in real life, for example at an exhibition
opening or in the artist's studio.

This is also the idea behind "get real". By presenting them with real
gems and beautiful pieces, we want to tempt our visitors to leave the
two-dimensional, inanimate virtual world and return to reality. Yes,
browse through our web pages, delve into them, allow yourself to be
beguiled, maybe even to dream – but realise that this does not have
to remain a dream. Come back down to earth. And then take action:
visit the destination that appeals to you most. You can be sure of a
warm welcome.