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Artur Wasielewski Biography

ART was born and raised in Berlinchen, Poland in 1968. He's childhood dream was to be a illustrator
After immigrating to the Germany, ART’s artistic focus changed from the illustration into graphic design.

ART studied fine Art and Communication Design at the University of Hamburg. Upon graduation,
he moved to Warsaw / Poland where he worked as an illustrator and creative director further on.
A 10-year veteran of the art & design industry, ART has worked for several large art companies and design agencies.

The turning point in his life was a move to Florida / USA, where he lived for over two years,
soaking up an environment rich with nature and inspiration. Art became his life.
During this period the artist developed a large body of work with Nature and Botanical themes.
ART’s work has become as diverse as his many abilities, interests and experiences
and over the years he has built a broad repertoire of imagery and styles.
ART's childhood dream come true... he made the bold step of becoming a professional published illustrator.

As an designer / creative director, ART enjoys wearing many hats.
He is a multi-talented individual and gets to utilize many of his skills including:
illustration (classical, especially old master techniques), design, printmaking and photography.
When he's not at work for art and design agencies, ART is making his own art,
which can be found in several private and public collections and galleries in USA and Europe.

Currently he resides in Hamburg, where he has a successful graphic design business as well as an art studio.
“I’m one of the lucky few who get to combine passion with profession... Welcome to the ART Side of Live.”