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"TRACES" · 2015
Beate Kratt, TRACES, Animals, Society, Spurensicherung
33 / 125 Works

Traces are leftovers in time. Often carefully displayed and with a story behind.
An empty honeycomb and the essence of the last bees dance captured in a jar.
In future a memory of a time, were the buzz of bees belongs to life.
In present, a reminder that we have to react now,
to make sure that the buzz will go on!

A digital collage incorporated into layers of encaustic and embedded in a real honeycomb. The work is covered with clear acrylic on both sides, not only for protection, but to deepen the notion of a collection for science purposes.

Right now on display: International exhibition `The Buzz Stops Here´in Houston/Texas. For further informations have a look to my current exhibitions right here on the webside!

Digital Collage incorporated into encaustic and a honeycomb, acrylic both sides.

For sale
9.1 x 16.9 x 1.2 inch
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