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Benita Bonk Biography

born on the 26.10.54, Ulm/Donau, Germany

Firstly she dedicates herself to manageress designing women´s fashion and as a goldsmith with the matching accessories. In her free time she engaged herself with paintings graphic arts and object art.

July & December 1980, both in the Gallery Ehinger-Schwarz in Ulm.
November 2004-January 2005 in the Zimmer-Theatre in Stuttgart.

After the birth of her children she founded together with a partner the company "D&B exclusiv" for home accessories & decoration.

After her divorce in 2000 an auctions house in Stuttgart became her working home.

Up to December 2003 Benita Röll was part of the ABV-Zimmer-Theatre ensemble in Stuttgart. Also she took care of the costumes, props and partly for the backdrops.

In January 2004, she moved to the North Sea island Nordstrand where she strongly reflected back to paintings and lyricism.

In the middle of 2005 her first set of lyrical publications appeared "Sea wind and rose scent".

In May 2005 she opened a studio for painting and art work in the Husum Gürtlerhof, Hafenstr.16 and has been free lancing since then.

Im März 2006 "Vielfalt der Betrachtungen" Ausstellung im Husumer Rathaus. Künstler des Husumer Kunstvereins
Im September 2006 Atelierumzug von Husum nach Nordstrand