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Art by Cecilia Betancourt
Art by Cecilia Betancourt
(54 x 65 cm)
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“Her unique paintings reflect states of mind and spirit and are generally filled with a sense of joy at being alive. Her paintings suggest that the intangibles of life are quite as real as the tangibles, if one can feel and see them both.”
Alfonso de Neuvillate – Houses & People Magazine

Cecilia Betancourt creates powerful images; sensual works of art that capture all the radiance of the sun and the rich colours of the south. They evince a complex handling of paint that is entirely her own. Betancourt’s work has become synonymous with such words as brightness, colour and passion.

Cecilia Betancourt works with the idealism and the dedication that have shaped her personality since the early years of her life. She bases her art on her own experiences, feelings and thoughts, stressing the importance of her own individuality and the necessity of basing the act of painting on an observation of the world. Being also very interested in human psychology, she places a crucial importance on the inner world and how this shapes our everyday perception of the outside world.