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"Chain of Events II" · 2009
Deborah Maris Lader, Chain of Events II, Animals: Air, Movement, Contemporary Art
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In this series of mixed media photographic paintings, I try to make visual the space and calm i crave. I employ photography, printmaking, drawing, painting, construction - whatever works to express ideas that range from the themes of healing and the way dreams are sewn together, to ideas about the beauty of urban decay. My life creeps its way into my images, as always. "Chain of Events II" is about the inevitability of change, and how we must appreciate the moment before it vanishes. The endangered condor flies overhead, as the chain of children desperately but recklessly hold onto their disappearing youth...

For sale
48 x 48 inch
Mixed technique
The story of a life and always threatened. Simple and meaningful. Wonderfully put.
25.6.2011 21:49 by Marc Worbis
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