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"By Air or by Sea" · 2007
Deborah Maris Lader, By Air or by Sea, Movement, Nature: Water, Post-Surrealism, Expressionism
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this series of images was created to reflect the way dreams are sewn together, with odd bits of memories mixed and strewn, all floating in the same moment. immersed in the sea, we sense the weightlessness of flight....

For sale
9.8 x 11 inch
Mixed technique
USD 900.00
Your work is very beautiful. its touching because its honest. thank you
19.3.2012 03:15 by gray tanya
Eine wirklich interessante Inszenierung, gefällt mir sehr gut!
4.5.2011 08:57 by Jörg Schlichtholz · URL
its so simple yet so captivating!!! I love it so touches my soul
12.7.2008 09:04 by Cleo Cleo
I love this painting - I wish I painted it!! It is mesmerizing! Thank you for the oppotunity you gave me to share it with my friends also!
28.5.2008 04:58 by Yelena Khanevskaya
Mir gefällt an deinem Bild Technick und Flächengestaltung. Bei der Anordnung der Hauptfiguren fehlt es mir an Spannung in Bezug auf Dimension oder Positionierung.
21.5.2008 02:09 by Marc Worbis
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