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Dalí revisited. Great work! Love your technique and spacing.
21.8.2012 08:48 by Imke Kreiser · URL
Work comment
Your work is very beautiful. its touching because its honest. thank you
19.3.2012 03:15 by gray tanya
Work comment
The story of a life and always threatened. Simple and meaningful. Wonderfully put.
25.6.2011 21:49 by Marc Worbis
Work comment
Eine wirklich interessante Inszenierung, gefällt mir sehr gut!
4.5.2011 08:57 by Jörg Schlichtholz · URL
Work comment
gefällt mir gut
Michael Thomas Sachs
9.8.2010 16:17 by Sachs Michael-Thomas · URL
Work comment
Thank you Alfred!! I appreciate it. Best,
16.9.2009 01:12 by Deborah Lader
Work comment
wow, wunderbar
15.9.2009 15:30 by alfred künster
Work comment
its so simple yet so captivating!!! I love it so touches my soul
12.7.2008 09:04 by Cleo Cleo
Work comment
I love this painting - I wish I painted it!! It is mesmerizing! Thank you for the oppotunity you gave me to share it with my friends also!
28.5.2008 04:58 by Yelena Khanevskaya
Work comment
Mir gefällt an deinem Bild Technick und Flächengestaltung. Bei der Anordnung der Hauptfiguren fehlt es mir an Spannung in Bezug auf Dimension oder Positionierung.
21.5.2008 02:09 by Marc Worbis