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Loumiotis Dimitrios

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Loumiotis Dimitrios

In the early 80s, Dimitrios Loumiotis began to study and work with Frangiskos Kappos, the costume designer of the National Theater of Athens. Under his tuition he developed his artistic gift. He worked with several kinds of metal, crafting jewellery for the actors performing classic Greek tragedies. Discovering his passion for this particular kind of art, he went on to further develop his craftmanship at the workshop of Mathaios Xatzis where, after a formal education, he designed entire collections for this company. The primary material of his work at this time was silver.

After moving from Greece to Austria, Dimitrios Loumiotis opened his own studio where he
brought his own creations to Vienna for the first time.

Alongside his traditional work, he is also known for his 3D-computer art. Here he creates surreal worlds which are printed onto canvas in every size. These images are also incorporated into his jewellery so one can actually wear his art, not only display it on the wall. The different materials he uses vary from stainless steel to titanium, mixed with silver and gold. Besides real gemstones one can find Swarovski crystals and anthropomorphic miniatures that represent the people in his art prints.

Most of his pieces are unnamed. With this the artist encourages interpretation from all who gaze upon the art.