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Eduard Fleminsky Biography

Born in Moscow.
Received higher technical education. Art education have not.
More than twenty years professionally engaged in painting.

In the mid-nineties was the director of an art gallery "House Vasilchikovs" in the center of Moscow on Nikitskaya. Gallery at the time was an unofficial status as one of the informal cultural centers of Moscow. As director of the gallery, I had personal contact with many interesting artists, they revealed to me the secrets of his skill. Some of them believe their teachers.

In 1999, found his face in the painting and joined the Professional Creative Union of Russian Artists. Began an active exhibition activities. Made a lot of personal and participated in many group exhibitions. Had an original and recognizable painting style, gained the respect of critics, colleagues, lovers of painting.

Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Iraq, China, Japan, Australia and many other countries .

Not stopping there, set a challenging creative task - to find a painting of the key to the subconscious. To do this, but an active practice in painting, studying psychology of creativity, the mysteries of the subconscious. Along the way, has developed its own method of interpretation of dreams. As a result, in 2007, made a discovery which was the beginning of his professional career. This discovery changed my established views on the world, and my beautiful technique, paradoxically, has provoked a deep personal crisis. Soon, quite unexpectedly, and was reborn as an artist. Carried away by ancient civilizations and their mythology, art. In practice, trying to work with altered consciousness, striving to achieve a mystical (syncretic) consciousness, characteristic of the ancient artist. Painting has suffered a profound change. Changed the manner of genres and philosophy of perception of the world. Prior to that, almost twenty years, signed his paintings name given me at birth. But in Moscow, live and work two more artist - full of my namesake. For these reasons, took his stage name in 2008, comes a new artist - Edward Fleminsky.

2008-2009 Member and ideologue of the group of artists "The attraction of the Republic of Armenia, conducted master classes.

Over ten years ago, listened to lectures on art history from the inside trying to understand the goals and challenges facing the contemporary artist. Acuteness of perception of self and the external processes eventually led to the emergence of a new style, large female portraits of our contemporaries. In these portraits, trying to combine a modern look, expression and romantic message of the tradition of portrait painting, revealing the inner world of man.