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"I don't like pencils & brushes very much. The computer was already in early years my preferential tool for creating all kinds of artwork."

Already in the early 80's artist Falk Wegner (born 1971 in Moenchengladbach, Germany) used computers to create pictures, graphics & music. In the initial phase he mainly created demos and graphics for computer games on Atari and Commodore home computers. In the beginning of the 90's his enthusiasm for 3D-Animation grew. After training as a DTP specialist he worked at a multimedia company in Aachen/Germany, where he worked for three years as a 3D-designer, won the popular "animago award" and the "camel techno design award".
In the following time his interest in video art grew. He created several video artworks, which were quite successful. In 1997 he won the “international video art price” and his work was presented in the famous museum Ludwig, Cologne.

His increasing interest in spirituality and meditation was reflected finally in his artwork. The pictures presented here were created in the last three years.

Falk Wegner lives today as an artist, web designer & musician in Merzhausen, Germany.

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