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yes,I agree with agnes and regina
your portraits are very special.
take care. kdschaller
13.8.2020 09:56 by karl dieter schaller
Work comment
Sehr ausdrucksstarke Komposition mit dem kräftigen Pink und dem melancholischen Gesichtsausdruck
12.8.2020 19:47 by Agnes Lang
Work comment
Hallo Francisco... eine super Arbeit !!!! Ich wünsche dir ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch… Liebe Grüße Christiane Mohr
14.12.2019 23:44 by Christiane Mohr
Work comment
I visited your artoffer galerie and
was deeply impressed. all the best.
13.9.2019 18:47 by karl dieter schaller
Work comment
Hallo Francisco... alle Deine Arbeiten haben etwas ganz besonders!!! Und außergewöhnliches!!! Liebe Grüße Christiane Mohr
4.9.2019 07:24 by Christiane Mohr
Guestbook entry
Thanks for your comment, Francisco!
13.8.2019 12:56 by Maria Gust
Work comment
Thanks for your comment. Your new paintings are great too. Greetings to Cuba
9.8.2019 08:30 by Ingrid TROLP · URL
Work comment
Thanks Regina!
Abstract artists understand and enjoy my paintings.
Congrast for your excellent work.
6.8.2019 19:19 by Francisco Núñez
Work comment
Deine Porträits sind einzigartig Francisco. Unter großen Flächen zeigt sich zunächst ganz undeutlich ein Gesicht, das man fast suchen muss. Und dennoch ist es ganz auf das Wesentliche konzentriert und enorm ausdrucksvoll. Starke Arbeiten! LG Regina
4.8.2019 19:29 by Regina R.
Work comment
Auténtico e impresionante.
3.8.2019 03:38 by Joselyer Garcia
Work comment
Please writte me at
Or you can visit my facebook:
Francisco Núñez Martínez.
1.8.2019 21:11 by Francisco Núñez
Work comment
Y es Ute now de are friends in facebook too.. That sound good. All the best.
29.7.2019 04:53 by Francisco Núñez
Work comment
Thanks Joselyer you have been one of muy best artist model.
29.7.2019 00:10 by Francisco Núñez
Work comment
Oh sorry, I mean Francisco
28.7.2019 18:00 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Hello Francesco.
Then I wish you all the best for the second chance here at Artoffer.
I have made a friend request on Facebook. All the best, Ute
28.7.2019 17:59 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Hello Ute all those old works and my visits and excibitions in Suiza many year ago help me to develop my personal style.but I lost al muy contacts in artoffer because I didn't have a good internet conection. Im here for that new oportunity trying to know directy people like you muy e.mail and you can visit my facebook.
28.7.2019 15:43 by Francisco Núñez
Work comment
Excelentes trabajos
27.7.2019 15:34 by Joselyer García
Work comment
Thanks Ute for tour kind words I've been in artoffer since 2001.
27.7.2019 03:45 by Francisco Nuñez
Work comment
Y es I'm Francisco Nuñez Martinez I've been in artoffer since 2001.Thank you for your kind words.
27.7.2019 03:42 by Francisco Nuñez
Work comment
expressif work. strong.
I think I know your former works from artoffer. F.N. MARTINES. is that correct...
26.7.2019 22:31 by karl dieter schaller
Work comment
A very sensitive work, Francisco. I've been a big fan of your art for many years. I love how you paint people and faces.
I wish you all the best for your art and a creative time.
26.7.2019 21:57 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Hello Frank,
An expressive work and brilliantly abstracted. Light and shadow exciting. Welcome to Artoffer. Have a good time here.
Creative Greetings Ute
24.7.2019 20:12 by Ute Kleist