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Francisco Núñez Gallery

"Sin título" · 2013
Francisco Núñez, Sin título, People, Abstract art, Contemporary Art
14 / 21 Works
27 x 35 x 2 inch
Mixed technique
Oh sorry, I mean Francisco
28.7.2019 18:00 by Ute Kleist
Hello Francesco.
Then I wish you all the best for the second chance here at Artoffer.
I have made a friend request on Facebook. All the best, Ute
28.7.2019 17:59 by Ute Kleist
Hello Ute all those old works and my visits and excibitions in Suiza many year ago help me to develop my personal style.but I lost al muy contacts in artoffer because I didn't have a good internet conection. Im here for that new oportunity trying to know directy people like you muy e.mail and you can visit my facebook.
28.7.2019 15:43 by Francisco Núñez
Thanks Ute for tour kind words I've been in artoffer since 2001.
27.7.2019 03:45 by Francisco Nuñez
A very sensitive work, Francisco. I've been a big fan of your art for many years. I love how you paint people and faces.
I wish you all the best for your art and a creative time.
26.7.2019 21:57 by Ute Kleist
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