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Dialogue with nature 자연과의대화

2.9.2010 - 16.9.2010

노원문화예술회관 기획전
자연과의 대화 프란츠 브란드너초대전
2010/09/02 ~ 2010/09/16
Opening reception: (Thu) 2nd Sept. 2010, 5pm

As Austrian Ambassador I would like to extend my best wishes for the success of the exhibition by my fellow compatriot Franz Brandner.

To all of you interested and acquainted with the art scene in Seoul I hardly have to introduce Franz Brandner who has exhibited extensively in Seoul and other cities in Korea having lived here on a permanent basis for quite a number of years already.

The paintings exhibited in the Nowon Art Center are probably best described in the artist’s own words:

“Modern Art qualifies so long as it does not renounce previous creative traditions. Art which can endure should be connected and developed based on the past. Creative work is a way of retreating, cutting oneself off from disturbing influences which prevent and limit one from understanding oneself”.

Born in 1962 in Steyr in the province of Upper Austria it does not seem farfetched to assume that the landscapes of his childhood and the people living there not only explain Franz Brandner’s at an already young age, displayed predilection to work in the open air surrounded by nature but also contributed to his desire that by depicting the scenic splendour of landscapes to put forward a very personal statement of his that life has value and meaning. Thus his paintings are more than mere depictions of nature. They are the manifestation of his outlook to life which for him incorporates a deep commitment to the international peace movement.
Franz Brandner can be regarded as someone who lives between the worlds. Married to a Malaysian with Chinese origin he discovered the beauty and mystery of the Asian culture but at the same time remembering his roots he never abandoned his ties to Austria. This has shown itself among others in an impressive array of exhibitions which he has held over the years in Austria, especially his home province where he keeps up a continuous presence. With his artistic work Franz Brandner furthermore adds an important contribution to the excellent relations existing between the Republic of Korea and Austria. Further proof of his increasing international reputation is the fact that countries where Brandner’s exhibitions have been staged include the United States, France and Japan.

Let me conclude my greeting in the fitting words of the Governor of the province of Upper Austria, Josef Puehringer who once said about the paintings of Franz Brandner that they give us an intense experience as well as an opportunity to understand the rich dialogue between the artist and the world that surrounds him.

Dr. Josef Muellner
Austrian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

노원문화예술회관은 빛과 반영을 생생한 붓 터치로 담아내는 인상주의 기법으로 한국과 유럽의 자연을 풍요롭고 따뜻하게 표현해온 오스트리아 작가 프란츠 브란드너 초대 '자연과의 대화'전을 마련, 우리주민에게 아름다운 작품감상과 함께 예술 언어를 통한 인류 사랑의 마음을 전달하고자 합니다.


□ 전 시 명 : '자연과의 대화' 프란츠 브란드너초대전

□ 전시기간 : 2010. 9. 2(목) ~ 9. 16(목)

□ 전시장소 : 노원문화예술회관 4층 노원아트갤러리

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작가는 한국에 거주하며 한국과 오스트리아 등지에서 활발한 작품 활동을 통해 양국의
문화교류에 중요한 역할을 하고 있다. '요세프 뮐르너' 주한 오스트라아 대사는 '그의 작품은 단순히 자연의 묘사가 아니라 작가의 인생 관점을 보여주며 여기에는 국&