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"DRUCKSTELLEN" (16) · 2003
Gerd Reutter, DRUCKSTELLEN, Religion, History, Contemporary Art
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Druckstellen 2001/02
Ton/Holz/Stahl 164x150x34,5 cm

Remarks on the ceramic sculptures
Manfred Fath
Gerd Reutter began relatively late to work as an artist, namely only in the beginning of the nineties of the past century after he had retired from working life. His material is clay which he has been using exclusively since then. The concepts and the formal realisation of his sculptures are always determined by the specific characteristics of the material clay. In a statement on his fondness of this material he said: "Clay is the oldest material used for artistic work. To form clay with your hands is a great experience. For me clay still has to be recognisable as clay when the sculpture is finished." The ceramicist Klaus Lehmann taught him the technical prerequisites to work with this material. He also supported Gerd Reutter in realising his sculptural imaginations without orientating himself by any role models. Reutter said about this: "He guided me but always allowed me to develop freely."
Prof. Dr. Manfred Fath

For sale
64.6 x 59.1 x 13.4 inch
EUR 7,500.00
Hi, i saw your sculptures and i thonk that you're art is awesome. I want to invite you to take part in Artexpo2015 in Milan. If you're interested reply at curator4@artexpo2015.con and i'll send more information.
Besta regards
26.1.2015 13:49 by Gallery ArtMeet
steht in der Peters Kirche in Mannheim
26.9.2011 17:42 by Gerd Reutter · URL
tolle Arbeit:
19.7.2010 23:36 by Sachs Michael Thomas · URL
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