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Irena Vezin Gallery

"Drachen 6"
Irena Vezin, Drachen 6, Abstract art, Modern Age, Abstract Expressionism
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39.4 x 39.4 inch
Mixed technique
The contrast of this piece is pure brilliance.
21.11.2012 03:02 by coach outlet online coach outlet online · URL
this picture is excitment
8.10.2011 04:00 by marikate marikate
Spring - Primroses rising through black mud, forcing the earth to bleed.
9.2.2011 13:27 by Andrea Gear
I see this as "Pain".

Love it.
17.10.2010 20:42 by Dan Dan
I see A Dragon ! love the colors tho!
17.9.2010 22:26 by Galiano soto GsotoArt · URL
This piece moves me. the way the black englufs the yellow, it represents the way i see the world to me, slowly something is moving in on our daily lives but the yellow nevertheless shines through. The contrast of this piece is pure brilliance.
26.2.2010 17:36 by Tessie Tessie Ourada
I dont think it looks like somthing concrete.
i think its an emotion.
not quite angry, just intense.
20.2.2009 02:20 by Tim Tim
Very gripping.... I like it's deliberateness.
20.2.2009 01:16 by Jo Jojo Fabricante
It looks like a wolf eating somebody. A really big wolf. A werewolf.
19.2.2009 18:41 by none of ur busness 2cool4u
dynamic beautiful
30.1.2009 04:18 by yashir osa
nice painting... Looks like a cross between sum1 s face and hand(when the thumb touches the index finger)
5.1.2009 14:44 by gracelyne gracy · URL
i like your paintings
27.11.2008 06:57 by Manjula Manjula Karunathilaka
Beautiful Dear
25.10.2008 12:17 by Nasir Nasir Shaikh
its bob marley
23.9.2008 14:20 by . Dj Giggity Goo
yo yo yo my name is bobby joe i live on the street like a hobbo yo

this is mc ferris
i see a face... i see an mc its me yo
16.9.2008 17:21 by Mc Donald Ronald
A rich man ? Where ? I don't see him ! It seems more like a fish to me. A big black fish jumping out of the water...
6.9.2008 18:14 by jeremie iordanoff · URL
a rich man
15.5.2008 09:34 by DeLain Cassie
What Do You See In This Picture?
26.3.2008 22:24 by Bob Dylan
i am living to iran
26.12.2007 15:42 by hoseinzadeh madeneh
Hallo, ich erzähle meinem Jungen immer wieder das Drachen ganz lieb sind und einen beschützen können!
Also dein Drachenbild darf ich ihm nicht zeigen...
Gefällt mir gut dein Drachenbild!
12.11.2007 14:51 by Ursula Guttropf · URL
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