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In September of 1760 the British General, Jeffery Amherst, along with the help of the Iroquois Nation defeated the French at Montreal. After accepting total capitulation from the French Governor, Pierre Vudreuil, General Amherst issued 23* Cast medals with a cityscape of Montreal on the face. These medals were given in gratitude to those instrumental to the success of the campaign. On February 10, 1763 the Treaty of Paris was signed, closing the books on the French and Indian war. Later in 1763 King George III medals were issued to those Indians loyal to the British. 1763 represents one of the many Iroquois, without whose help the next chapter, the American Revolution might never have happened.

* As these medals were being made, the mold was accidentally dropped and damaged. Therefore each of the original 23 medals has a crack in the medal where the original mold was damaged. While I have recreated the two medals referred to in the above text, and incorporated them into the base of the sculpture, they do not appear in this photo.

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31.9 x 14.2 x 18.1 inch
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23.2.2016 15:54 by Rolf Stocker
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