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Johanna Leipold Biography

Born in Munich in 1947, I spent my childhood and my schooldays there.

Already during my High School time my special interest in painting developed.
Although my teacher at that time tried to smooth my way to the Munich Academy of Arts, I
decided for a study at the College of Education. There I made the diploma examination with
emphasis “art “.

After my emigration to Trofaiach (Austria), I teached at different primary schools .
In 1994, when my children were grown up, I began to train as an artist with my mentor, the
famous Styrian painter F. P. Hofbauer.
In the following years I continuously visited seminars of well-known Styrian Artists and
began to start own exhibition activities.

Since 1999 I am working in my own studio as a freelance paintress.
Aditionally I am organizing seminars for painting people.

Since 2001 I am attending expositions in France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, in
cooperatian with renowned galleries.

Since 2003 some of my paintings were on exhibition at international art fairs in Europe, USA and Asia (2010)

I currently live in Trofaiach and paint full time.


About my work
A central theme of my painting is the human being, particularly with regard to female
characters (nude and portrait).

Citation /Artprofil 2003:
« Some of Johanna Leipold´s paintings are to be added to “Magic Figuration”, because
violability of human being becomes expressed in an absolutely humoresque way. »


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