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Lisbeth Lafolle Biography

I am interested in everything and everyone and spend all day with the observation of my surroundings. These observations flow into my artwork of assemblages and sculptures, paintings and photograpic light paintings. I create objects of contrasting materials which come into new, fantastic creatures seemingly from other worlds ...

For several years now I have been working on my sculpture series EVOLUTION: Heads of fantastic creatures presenting an enhancement of maybe wellknown creatures. They consist of a variety of materials, combined and covered with a colourful black skin. Life and death, contrary and yet close to each other , blurring the limits. If you look closely you'll probably find the gist of the matter. Those who do not look closely will find them enigmatic, grinning demonically and looking ironic and very dark. They are night creatures coming from outer space, telling their life story if you only listen ....

However it will further go on: UNICORNO (2014), is the first sculpture of this series in white colour.

The new series PETITS FOUX (starting in 2013 ) is a contrast to the EVOLUTION series, although they also include the subject of evolution, the evolution of living creatures. Open minded, cheerful and in bright colours - these small assemblages require a lot of light.

My Paintings: I am fascinated by light and shadow painting pictures in which subject and background are of same colour. Only contours of light and shadow, or magical eyes fixing the viewer, make the shapes visible.

Working with colours I use only a few basic colours - all the nuances are mixed directly on the canvas. Mostly in many different colour layers, which gives pictures a dreamlike depth.

Also, I like experiments with light and technical stuff, designing and building power or battery operated light objects. Even some of the assemblages and sculptures have integrated lighting (e.g. the assemblages FLAMY LOVE and COMETA , the EVOLUTION sculpture PRINCESS OF SATIRI).
I find suggestions to my work by observing my natural environment. E.g. a bird landing on a swinging branch (sculpture series CAPRIOLA), a black cat at night scurries through the garden ( acryl painting BLACK CAT ), a flat toad on the road (assemblage SEASONAL MIGRATION), or a natural event such as the large fire in Alentejo 2004 (sculpture FOGINHO).

Artistic education by Prof. Icke Winzer, Seping, Tom Naumann, Roland Spieth, and others

- EVOLUTION with up to 15 heads was shown multiple times as an art performance, enhanced with individual soundtracks and special text ("Nachtgestalten/Creatures of the Night", "Tonkopf/Soundhead" and "Visual Art 'n Sound" in Germany)
- Various exhibitions for art events and art associations (paintings, lighting objects, assemblages)
- Exhibitions at private events (paintings, photography)
- Permanent exhibition Gallery Haeusl, Germany
- Permanent exhibition Casa Poupa, Portugal