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Art by Lucy Arnold
Art by Lucy Arnold
Wings of CA is a blown up vision of real butterfly species found in California. It is a pastel painting saturated with color.
Bits of Flight is a watercolor of bird feathers, butterflies, and insect wings in a large format.
I find vivid colors and patterns in nature fascinating, so butterflies are wonderful subjects that frequently find their way into my artwork. Nature's creations are so remarkable that I prefer to depict actual species, though they may seem imaginary through my interpretation.

Intimate details of nature such as insects, feathers, leaves and flowers draw my eye. Painting allows me to reveal the beauty I see in these unobtrusive, overlooked bits.
My art combines drawing, design, color, nature, and a touch of whimsy. It is in large part a tribute to my scientist father, who introduced me to the wonders of natural history. On nature walks, he identified the birds and plants, while I showed him where fairy gardens were hidden. Both viewpoints still intrigue me.

After earning a BA in biology, I began my art career with a needlepoint business: Designs by Lucy. Since I began exhibiting fine art in CA about 12 years ago, I've won numerous awards in juried shows, been featured on HGTV, and have had my work published by Mrs. Grossman's Paper Co, Red Hen Press, Cedco Publishing, Sage Publications, Quarto Publishing, Carlina Calendars, and Reader's Digest.

My illuminated alphabet, "Lucy's Letters" are featured in a children's alphabet book that I hope to have published soon.

My most recent paintings are of beetles, bugs, caterpillars, moths and butterflies. These all come with complete scientific ID charts.

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