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Martina Krupickova Biography

My style is always evolving

I’m from the picturesque town of Světlá nad Sázavou and have called Prague my second home for more than two decades.

My artistic journey began at the prestigious High School of Textile Arts and Crafts in Brno, where I graduated as a knitted fashion designer. Here, I perfected my drawing and painting skills, laying the foundation for my future artistic career.

In 2018, I studied under the guidance of renowned artist, Jacob Dhein, in Seville, Spain. I expanded my creative horizons, perfected my technique and gained valuable knowledge that shaped my artistic vision.

A unique approach to composition and colors, in combination with a palette knife, and black canvas sets my work apart, and I infuse each piece with a sense of dynamism and depth. The interplay of light, shadow and movement creates an atmosphere of timeless beauty and nostalgia.

More than twenty years of living in Prague deeply influenced my artistic journey. The fascination with Prague's tram system and the city's vibrant streets, serves as a recurring motif in many of my paintings.
The affection for trams stems from their symbolic significance as both a relic of the past and an essential part of modern city life. With my art, I try to capture the timeless beauty and nostalgic charm of Prague's tram network and invite the audience to embark on a visual journey through the city's legendary streets.

In addition to tram paintings, my portfolio includes a diverse range of subjects, each imbued with my own unique style. From tranquil landscapes to dynamic cities, my work reflects a deep respect for the beauty and complexity of the world around me. I invite viewers to discover the deep beauty that lies in the everyday moments of life.

With my art exhibited in prestigious galleries (Prague, Dresden, London, Monaco, Edinburgh and Madrid), sold in Prague auction houses, several awards and collectors from across the globe, I continue to leave an indelible mark on the art world.


March 2024 - I won one of the "HONORABLE MENTION AWARD" in the “9th LANDSCAPE” art competition by TERAVARNA with the painting “Lake Olsina” 2022 (80x120 cm)

December 2023 - I won one of the "HONORABLE MENTION AWARD" in the “7th FLOWERS” art competition by TERAVARNA with the painting “Meadow” 2023 (80x80 cm).

October 2023 - I won one of the RUNNER-UP AWARD in the “8th LANDSCAPE” art competition by TERAVARNA with the painting “Railway bridge in the refrection of the river Vltava” 2023 (80x120 cm).

September 2023 - I won one of the TALENT PRIZE AWARD in the "8th OPEN" art competition by TERAVARNA with the painting “At Dusk” 2023 (80x80 cm).

September 2023 - The picture "Autumn Symphony on the River" received a 1st Place - Painting Category and 2nd Place - Overall Category in 13th Annual “Landscape Art Competition” 2023 Art Exhibition. Gallery received 546 entries.

March 2023 - The painting "No. 23" won 10th place in the Painting category in the competition "CityScapes".