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Meike Kohls was born in Hamburg in northern Germany. After study trips abroad to places like the South Seas, India, Italy and the USA, she set up her art studio in Hamburg, where she now lives and works.


Meike Kohls trained as a set and costume designer at the university of applied studies in Hamburg and at Ithaca College, NY, USA. She has a degree in design. After working in theatre for several years she started painting training with Hans-Juergen Trams and kalligrafie with Peter Unbehauen. She has worked freelance in different artistic fields as a production designer for TV, art concepts and commissions for companies and exhibits her work regularily in Germany and internationally.

2015 Nominee for Art Award Bad Zwischenahn
2014 Art Award Saga/GWG Installation for Atrium
2008 Nominee for Art Award Sparkasse Karlsruhe
since 1997 Christmas Ladies - Greeting card collection
since 2003 Coffee mug collection with curvy funny figures

artworks in corporate collections

Helm Ag
MLL GmbH, München,
Institut für Hämatopathologie, Hamburg,
DLS GmbH, Siek,
Volksfürsorge, Hamburg
Afi Rent GmbH
medienwerker GmbH, Lübeck
Tesa Se, Norderstedt

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