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"Lady Liberty" (16) · 2011
Meike Kohls, Lady Liberty, People: Women, Market, Contemporary Art
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"Lady Liberty inspired millions of people to seek their fortunes in the New World, complete with its promise of no-holds-barred capitalism and endless opportunities for consumer spending. In the shadow of the financial crisis, this symbol of freedom has lost much of her luster and looks quite poor and downtrodden.

In one arm, she clutches a cache of now worthless Lehman Brothers shares; with the other she shines a light on the devalued stock, in a dire warning. “Look what happened here. Greed overrode any sense of logic. The only thing that seems to matter is amassing more money with which to buy even more consumer goods.”

And yet, ever optimistic in that very American way, Lady Liberty seems to be looking ahead, looking for The Next Big Opportunity (to make even more money).

“So what’s next?” she seems to be saying. And: “Let’s learn from past mistakes and start over . I see all kinds of possibilities!” … and all this talk of money makes this American icon seem unexpectedly sexy."

For sale
Width 27.6 inch
Liebe Frau Engler

"Lady Liberty" ist für mich das Symbol der Freiheit

Meine Lady Liberty beleuchtet die Lehman Brothers-Aktie. Die Gier siegt über den Verstand, es geht um Geldvermehrung ( extremer Konsum), das Gehirn ist ausgeschaltet und es geht nur um Gewinnmaximierung um noch mehr konsumieren zu können.

LG M. Kohls
28.1.2012 13:36 by Meike Kohls
Liebe Frau Kohls,

warum gerade haben Sie die Freiheitsstatue genommen und die Fackel umgedreht?
28.1.2012 11:42 by Magda Engler
Diese Blau Türkis Kombi - einfach schön!

LG Annedore
27.1.2012 15:46 by Annedore Scholz
Mehr davon! Gefällt mir richtig gut.
27.1.2012 09:24 by Andi Wallaba
Freut mich immer wieder ihre witzigen Statements zu sehen.
23.1.2012 16:53 by Beate Fröhlich
21.1.2012 10:54 by Andrea Selbach
Die Freiheit beleuchtet! Spotlight auf dem Markt!!!!
20.1.2012 09:37 by Hans Schuppe
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