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Work comment
Ute, agradezco tu comentario, me alegra y lo valoro!
Te mando un abrazo!
9.2.2021 13:21 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
Fantastic artwork dear Mirta.
I love your artistic language. So much expression, even without a face. I wish you a wonderful art year in 2021.
All the best.
29.1.2021 10:12 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Dear Mirta,
Strong impression how you contrasted them. I feel a connection between them, because everything is connected to everything. What a strong visual language. Congratulation.

I wish you a happy new year 2021 and I look forward to continued impressive art from you. All the best.
14.1.2021 07:01 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Tienes tu propia letra. Muestra un gran trabajo nuevo aquí. Y encajan muy bien con este tiempo.
Los saludo calurosamente.
7.10.2020 13:17 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Eine wundervolle Arbeit!
Liebe Grüße Beate
7.10.2020 10:17 by Beate Fritz
Work comment
Gemeinsam sind wir einsam.Ein Bild, das mich sehr anspricht. Stark! LG Regina
28.8.2020 15:29 by Regina R.
Work comment
Gracias Utle Kleist
18.8.2020 05:45 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
I hope they find their hearts.
This is so important, especially at this time, because you can only see well with your heart.
Wonderful in abstraction. Impressive work.
Best wishes
23.7.2020 09:28 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Muchas gracias Max Gruber!
27.6.2020 09:55 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
Ute kleist...muchisimas gracias por tu comentario! Un gran abrazo!
27.6.2020 09:52 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
Great work. Yes, that's how people seem to be in 2020. Every man for himself. Enclosed in a bubble with all its fears, thoughts and actions. Thank you for showing it to us.

Best creative greetings
26.6.2020 10:22 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Zusammengepfercht, geballt und doch durchlässig wie eine Membran. Was darf hier nach außen gelangen, was bleibt Geheimnis.
Sehr spannende Arbeit liebe Mirta.
Liebe Grüße Ute
18.6.2020 18:55 by Ute Kleist
Work comment
Super. Tolle Kunst
30.12.2019 15:48 by Maxi Gruber
Work comment
De geometrischen Formen gefallen mir sehr gut, auch die Farbigkeit. Ist dieses Bld wirklich 3,55 Meter x 2,79 Meter groß?
31.12.2015 12:51 by Petra Tränkner
Work comment
Gracias por el comentario Renate!
20.11.2014 03:10 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
It's really wonderfulL
Best wishes, Renate
29.9.2014 08:09 by Renate Horn
Work comment
Muchas gracias Gustavo!!
17.1.2014 23:40 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
!Muy interesante tu propuesta Mirta!
15.1.2014 07:29 by Rubinky Gustavo
Work comment
15.1.2014 07:27 by Rabinsky Gustavo
Work comment
Hola Mirta
Estoi encantada de tu arte y este es mi cuadro favorito. Perfecto en color y composicion. Un abrazo desde suiza
21.5.2013 12:03 by Isabel Zampino
Work comment
This piece is powerful. It stunned me on Pinterest -- the sheer brilliance of it. Alive with beauty and mystery. The textures are incredible!
28.3.2013 03:52 by Kweli K!
Work comment
Muchas gracias Ariadna!
19.1.2013 07:27 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
te agradezco el comentario Ariadna!
19.1.2013 07:25 by Mirta Benavente
Work comment
Genial, llevar un músico adentro. Es original y con unos colores increibles.
1.1.2013 08:07 by Destron Ariadna
Work comment
Cuanta belleza y originalidad. La felicito.
1.1.2013 07:41 by Destron Ariadna
Work comment
Ein wundervolles Werk in seiner außergewöhnlichen Farbigkeit und geradezu dramatischen Spannung!
Herzliche Gratulation!
17.11.2012 21:43 by Jutta Regina Frederiks · URL
Work comment
me encanta esta obra.. tiene un clima especial
4.7.2012 05:42 by gabriela henderson
Work comment
Best regards.
15.5.2012 10:09 by Gisela Zimmermann
Work comment
fantastic work !
Best regards .... Dorothea
10.5.2012 19:12 by Dorothea Tlatlik
Work comment
Te agradezco el comentario Gisela!!
10.5.2012 10:58 by Mirta Benavente