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Paintboard a selection of new works

Theresia Züllig "Naturwunder beim Schnorcheln, Mihiri", Painting

Theresia Züllig, Naturwunder beim Schnorcheln, Mihiri, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Nature: Water, Naturalism, Expressionism
Edeldith "Draussen", Painting

Edeldith, Draussen, Animals, Nature, Realism, Expressionism
Sabine Brandenburg "Biber", Painting

Sabine Brandenburg, Biber, Animals: Water, Nature: Water, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
silvia messerli "Freunde halten zusammen", Painting

silvia messerli, Freunde halten zusammen, Miscellaneous People, Emotions: Safety, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Rotraut Richter "Osterhasenhuhn", Digital Art

Rotraut Richter, Osterhasenhuhn, Fantasy, Humor, New Image Painting, Abstract Expressionism
Steve Soon "Convid-19! what the hell?", Painting

Steve Soon, Convid-19! what the hell?, Situations, Burlesque, Action Painting, Abstract Expressionism
Leo Will "Frau Schmetterling", Digital Art

Leo Will, Frau Schmetterling, People: Women, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
René Gygax "ÄUÄ", Painting

René Gygax, ÄUÄ, Decorative Art, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Petra Ackermann "It`s Spring Again", Painting

Petra Ackermann, It`s Spring Again, Landscapes: Spring, Nature: Wood, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Eva-Caroline Dornach "i will dance alone", Photographs

Eva-Caroline Dornach, i will dance alone, Abstract art, Poetry, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism