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silvia messerli "i gatti", Painting

silvia messerli, i gatti, Animals: Land, Nature: Earth, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Inese Dzervinika "N/T", Painting

Inese Dzervinika, N/T, Fantasy, Colour Field Painting, Abstract Expressionism
Niko Bayer "2611191725", Digital Art

Niko Bayer, 2611191725, Decorative Art, Symbol, Constructivism, Expressionism
Jürgen Büse Filzen "Abschied von Kyoto", Painting

Jürgen Büse Filzen, Abschied von Kyoto, Landscapes, Plants: Flowers, Expressive Realism, Abstract Expressionism
Martina Krupickova "Autumn spirit in Stromovka", Painting

Martina Krupickova, Autumn spirit in Stromovka, Landscapes: Autumn, Miscellaneous Landscapes, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Victor Koch "Seattle", Painting

Victor Koch, Seattle, People: Couples, Architecture, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Christine Claudia Weber "OT", Painting

Christine Claudia Weber, OT, Landscapes: Autumn, Nature: Earth, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Jens Jacobfeuerborn "O.T.", Painting

Jens Jacobfeuerborn, O.T., Erotic motifs: Female nudes, Decorative Art, Modern Age, Expressionism
Markus Schon "One of these days", Painting

Markus Schon, One of these days, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism