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WERWIN "und was heißt hier künstlerische freiheit", Original graphics

WERWIN, und was heißt hier künstlerische freiheit, Fantasy, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism
Magdalena Oppelt "Bella", Painting

Magdalena Oppelt, Bella, Decorative Art, Traffic: Motorcycle, Concrete Art, Abstract Expressionism
Bernd Michalak "AMG at Eau Rouge", Digital Art

Bernd Michalak, AMG at Eau Rouge, Sports, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Carmen Heidi Kroese "Mahnmal in Bacharach", Painting

Carmen Heidi Kroese, Mahnmal in Bacharach, Abstract art, Buildings: Churches, Expressive Realism, Abstract Expressionism
Sabine Lovermann "o.T.", Painting

Sabine Lovermann, o.T., Abstract art, Plants, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Angela Fusenig "O.T.", Miscellaneous

Angela Fusenig, O.T., Abstract art, Still life, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Christine Claudia Weber "Lava", Painting

Christine Claudia Weber, Lava, Nature, Nature: Fire, Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism
ReMara "Und draußen ist es Frühling...", Painting

ReMara, Und draußen ist es Frühling..., Abstract art, Miscellaneous Emotions, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Dieter Bruhns "The Moon, Sun,Sky and the Sea", Digital Art

Dieter Bruhns, The Moon, Sun,Sky and the Sea, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Rotraut Richter "FANTATER IM LICHTERMEER", Digital Art

Rotraut Richter, FANTATER IM LICHTERMEER, Burlesque, Animals: Land, New Image Painting, Abstract Expressionism