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Dietrich Moravec "Multi Kulti", Painting

Dietrich Moravec, Multi Kulti, Plants: Fruits, Meal, Photo-Realism, Expressionism
ReMara "Frühlingsgefühle", Painting

ReMara, Frühlingsgefühle, Abstract art, Times: Spring, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Rikka AYASAKI "Sunset 117", Painting

Rikka AYASAKI, Sunset 117, Landscapes, Fantasy, Impressionism, Expressionism
Ulla Wobst "A RESULT OF THE ADAM'S APPLE", Painting

Ulla Wobst, A RESULT OF THE ADAM'S APPLE, Religion, Symbol, Post-Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism
Angela Fusenig "Verbündet", Painting

Angela Fusenig, Verbündet, Plants: Flowers, Miscellaneous Plants, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
henri lehmann "FRANCHE-COMTÉ", Painting

henri lehmann, FRANCHE-COMTÉ, Landscapes: Autumn, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Helga Freiberger "Farbrausch IV", Painting

Helga Freiberger, Farbrausch IV, Abstract art, Emotions, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Renate Horn "Sundowner, II", Painting

Renate Horn, Sundowner, II, Romantic motifs: Sunset, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Peter Nottrott "Escape Anthracite XL 2", Painting

Peter Nottrott, Escape Anthracite XL 2, Abstract art, Miscellaneous, Colour Field Painting, Expressionism
Ricardo Marinho "Suburbana", Painting

Ricardo Marinho, Suburbana, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism