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Paintboard a selection of new works

Annette Schmucker "Eröffnet", Painting

Annette Schmucker, Eröffnet, Landscapes: Mountains, Landscapes: Beaches, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Petra Ackermann "On the Road", Painting

Petra Ackermann, On the Road, Miscellaneous Landscapes, Nature: Miscellaneous, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Andrea Kasper "Ein wenig grüner Apfel?", Photographs

Andrea Kasper, Ein wenig grüner Apfel?, Fantasy, Nature: Water, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Andreas Zeug "untitled", Painting

Andreas Zeug, untitled, People: Women, People: Portraits, New Figurative Art, Abstract Expressionism
Ruth Loewenkamp "oT", Painting

Ruth Loewenkamp, oT, Abstract art, Fantasy, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Christel Haag "Sweet Harmony", Painting

Christel Haag, Sweet Harmony, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Silvia Plüss "N/T", Sculpture

Silvia Plüss, N/T, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
WWSt "Lichtfang", Painting

WWSt, Lichtfang, Abstract art, Bauhaus, Abstract Expressionism
Jonny Lüpkes "Collage", Painting

Jonny Lüpkes, Collage, Abstract art, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Ulrich Hollmann "Ei", Painting

Ulrich Hollmann, Ei, Still life, Meal, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism