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Paintboard a selection of new works

Martina Krupickova "By the River Sazava", Painting

Martina Krupickova, By the River Sazava, Landscapes: Summer, Landscapes: Plains, Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism
Renée König "Auf der Weide", Painting

Renée König, Auf der Weide, Animals: Land, Landscapes: Summer, Expressive Realism, Expressionism
Andrea Kasper "Viel GELB wenig BLAU", Painting

Andrea Kasper, Viel GELB wenig BLAU, Nature, Harvest, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Edeldith "Jason 2005 - 2019", Painting

Edeldith, Jason   2005 - 2019, Animals, Hunting, Expressive Realism, Expressionism
Ute Kleist "Zwei wie du und ich", Painting

Ute Kleist, Zwei wie du und ich, Nature, Poetry, Expressionism
Ingeborg Schnöke "ich mag dich...", Painting

Ingeborg Schnöke, ich mag dich..., Burlesque, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Victor Koch "Brücken bauen", Drawing

Victor Koch, Brücken bauen, People: Women, Architecture, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
silvia messerli "keine Schönheit", Painting

silvia messerli, keine Schönheit, Animals: Land, Fantasy, Art Brut, Expressionism
Amaru "No Littering", Painting

Amaru, No Littering, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Animals: Water, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Nicole Diener "N/T", Painting

Nicole Diener, N/T, Abstract art, Art Déco, Expressionism