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Jean-Pierre CHEVASSUS-AGNES, CHIOGGIA  ITALY, Architecture, Buildings: Houses, Expressive Realism, Expressionism
Claudia Erbelding "falke", Painting

Claudia Erbelding, falke, People: Men, Animals: Air, Post-Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism
Kestutis Jauniskis "Old City Motif", Painting

Kestutis Jauniskis, Old City Motif, Buildings: Houses, Colour Field Painting, Expressionism
Thomas Böhm "o.T.", Painting

Thomas Böhm, o.T., Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Andrea Kasper "Kopfsache", Painting

Andrea Kasper, Kopfsache, Abstract art, Burlesque, New Image Painting, Expressionism
Beatrice Gugliotta "Wurzelchakra", Painting

Beatrice Gugliotta, Wurzelchakra, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
pol ledent "Orange and blue flowers", Painting

pol ledent, Orange and blue flowers, Nature, Landscapes: Summer, Expressionism
Ingeborg Schnöke "unterm Sternenhimmel...", Painting

Ingeborg Schnöke, unterm Sternenhimmel..., Nature: Miscellaneous, Poetry, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Marion Bellebna "Natur abstrakt 36", Painting

Marion Bellebna, Natur abstrakt 36, Abstract art, Fantasy, Non-Objectivism [Informel], Expressionism
Matthias Haerting "Vorfrühling (Ellmau)", Painting

Matthias Haerting, Vorfrühling (Ellmau), Landscapes: Mountains, Landscapes: Spring, Modern Age, Expressionism