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Paintboard a selection of new works

Konrad Zimmerli "Baumstämme", Painting

Konrad Zimmerli, Baumstämme, Landscapes: Winter, Plants: Trees, Naturalism, Expressionism
Bohin "Lulupe & Lulupe & The Oddity Pills", Photographs

Bohin, Lulupe & Lulupe & The Oddity Pills, People: Women, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Ute Kleist "EINS ins ANDERE", Painting

Ute Kleist, EINS ins ANDERE, Belief, Nature: Air, Abstract Expressionism
Renate Horn "Sundowner", Painting

Renate Horn, Sundowner, Romantic motifs: Sunset, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Helga Madera "O.T.", Painting

Helga Madera, O.T., Miscellaneous Landscapes, Plants: Trees, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Martin Künne "Akt 205", Painting

Martin Künne, Akt 205, People: Women, Erotic motifs: Female nudes, Expressive Realism, Expressionism
Monika Buchen "spread", Painting

Monika Buchen, spread, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
webo "Pamplona", Painting

webo, Pamplona, Animals: Land, Miscellaneous Animals, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism