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Jürgen Büse Filzen "hinter Bäumen", Painting

Jürgen Büse Filzen, hinter Bäumen, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Nature: Wood, Modern Age, Abstract Expressionism
Nora Block "Rendezvous", Painting

Nora Block, Rendezvous, People: Couples, Emotions, Modern Age, Expressionism
Friedhard Meyer "Rote Landschaft", Painting

Friedhard Meyer, Rote Landschaft, Landscapes: Mountains, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Andreas Lochter "meine lange Reise", Painting

Andreas Lochter, meine lange Reise, People: Portraits, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Remo Passeri "o.T.", Painting

Remo Passeri, o.T., Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Renate Migas "Spring is in the air", Painting

Renate Migas, Spring is in the air, Landscapes: Spring, Poetry, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Ute Kleist "Liebeslied an einen Baum", Painting

Ute Kleist, Liebeslied an einen Baum, Nature, Emotions, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism
Keep Magic "The Magical Orb", Digital Art

Keep Magic, The Magical Orb, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Christine Blum "o.T. 172", Painting

Christine Blum, o.T. 172, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Maria und Wolfgang Liedermann "Venedig", Painting

Maria und Wolfgang Liedermann, Venedig, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism