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MOTTO "ohne Titel", Painting

MOTTO, ohne Titel, Abstract art, Non-Objectivism [Informel], Expressionism
Christine Claudia Weber "Sommer-Vogel-Tal", Painting

Christine Claudia Weber, Sommer-Vogel-Tal, Abstract art, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Andrea Bräuning "Vincent", Painting

Andrea Bräuning, Vincent, People: Children, Realism, Expressionism
maria kammerer "Auftanken!", Painting

maria kammerer, Auftanken!, People: Women, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Kestutis Jauniskis "Landscape With Trees", Painting

Kestutis Jauniskis, Landscape With Trees, Landscapes: Hills, Colour Field Painting, Expressionism
Rotraut Richter "FANTAVOGEL", Digital Art

Rotraut Richter, FANTAVOGEL, Burlesque, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
JoAchim Nowak "OT", Painting

JoAchim Nowak, OT, People: Portraits, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Gabriele Schmalfeldt "o.T. 14/21", Painting

Gabriele Schmalfeldt, o.T. 14/21, Miscellaneous People, Abstract art, Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism
Annette Schmucker "Winterabend", Painting

Annette Schmucker, Winterabend, Landscapes: Winter, Landscapes: Mountains, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Martina Krupickova "Spring near Ostrá", Painting

Martina Krupickova, Spring near Ostrá, Landscapes, Landscapes: Spring, Contemporary Art, Expressionism