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Holger Stroecks "N/T", Sculpture

Holger Stroecks, N/T, Architecture, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Steve Soon "Convid-19! what the hell?", Painting

Steve Soon, Convid-19! what the hell?, Situations, Burlesque, Action Painting, Abstract Expressionism
Arie Wubben "Atelier", Digital Art

Arie Wubben, Atelier, Architecture, Fantasy, Modern Age, Expressionism
Claudia Hansen "Regatta II - Mainsail", Painting

Claudia Hansen, Regatta II - Mainsail, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Sports, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism
Dana Manta "To the stars", Sculpture

Dana Manta, To the stars, Miscellaneous People, Nature: Miscellaneous, New Figurative Art, Expressionism
Jean "Gelber Mohn", Painting

Jean, Gelber Mohn, Plants: Flowers, Contemporary Art, Expressionism