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Art by Pamela Gotangco
Art by Pamela Gotangco
Pamela is an advocate of alternative communication through relevant artistic media. She found painting to be the most compelling. She believes in expressing her thoughts, however momentous, insignificant, or random they may be to the world, through her artwork. She characterizes her style as figurative, fun, feminine and arbitrary, oftentimes bordering socio-political arguments. Born in the Philippines and having traveled the world extensively both for work and pleasure, she considers her life experience to be colorful, thus providing substantial inspiration to her work. A proponent of equal opportunity for women, she also draws insight from the role of women in our present society. Sometimes her work can be seen as self portraiture of her private life using iconic female figures. Working in layers, she incorporates motifs drawn from both her own life experience and from the people around her in her latest works. Her main focus is to engage the viewer to sense a connection in her subject matter and provoke discussion.