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Pamela Gotangco Exhibitions

Geisha- Solitary Artisan

27.3.2012 - 27.4.2012

"I am a woman, and I relish the subtlety of being one. My work tends to resonate feminine whims that are tender and cunning. Rather than just an assortment of organs , I see the female figure more as a resonating chamber – like in a musical instrument, but with essence.

Female artisans fascinate me the most.Behind the alluring manifestation, skilful flirtation and savvy transactions lies a woman. My eagerness led me inquiring on their sentiment and agony. This intrusiveness lead me to unravel the perplexity of the skilled artisan... of the Maiko... of the coming of a Geisha... Each discovery amplifies my enthusiasm. It is then that they started appearing in my canvas." Pamela Gotangco for the Geisha- Solitary Artisan Series