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Pascal Roy, painter- artist

I consider my work to be New-Age Contemporary, with a touch of spirituality. I use primarily the human figure in combination with a dominant background of color and abstract formations to capture the emotions of the main figure. I enjoy especially painting female figures as their natural curves fits my style very well.

What is most important to me is the experience I take from each work of art, knowing that I have created a painting that is interesting and fun to look at. I have most recently been experimenting with backgrounds of abstract, luminous and colourful images. I use, as well, a combination of photography, music, dance, and most important what my heart is telling me. From that I create the images as rough drawings and from there a new painting is born.
My favourite series of painting involves a fantasy world with happy children. The children I paint, in many ways, represent the innocents and the curiosity each of us still have inside. The fantasy of actually being able to fly and the freedom and happiness that I imagine is a theme that I often paint. In the painting called DREAMLAND there is a young girl flying over a garden of psychedelic flowers. We can see in her expression the feeling of joy and wonder as if both the little girl and the garden are conscious of each other.
The ultimate goal of my art is to mix a little fantasy and reality together to create the feeling of joy and liberation.