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One of the few abstract works that made sense and connected with me! Look forwardt more.
24.12.2013 10:57 by Manjiri Gohad
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It's amazing your work really arouse and moved my mind, thanks for sharing it for the art there are no borders.
4.1.2012 07:00 by Cris PC
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i really enjoy your work!
19.1.2011 15:42 by Brian Mister
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Beautiful flow and movement - really captivating.
23.11.2010 11:35 by Nicky Wrighte
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Your work is powerful. I am drawn to vivid color, especially in the red/orange/yellow spectrum. Beautiful.
13.10.2010 02:10 by Debra Debra K. Furlow
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Hallo Paul,

wunderbare eigenwillige Werke!

Beste Grüße
12.4.2010 14:34 by Bohin Christina · URL
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Hallo, ich bin begeistert von ihren Bildern. War gerade auf und es hat mich umgehaun
28.8.2009 22:27 by Perk David
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22.4.2009 19:18 by Paul Sinus · URL
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all your art work is simply amazing. i love the way u have used texture and colors. the color combinations are awesome.
19.2.2009 03:08 by GARGI GARGI
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wunderbare bilder, tolle farben und gewaltige stimmungen.
30.1.2009 21:44 by gabi spögler · URL
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Minimales Maximum - Meine Arbeit nährt sich von Brot, Käse, Kaffee, einem Film, der Stadt, von Gerüchen, von Fotos, von einem Lied, von Klängen, Geräuschen und Farben ... von dem was uns umgibt.
19.8.2008 20:27 by Paul Sinus · URL