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"snsibar" · 2008
Paul Sinus, snsibar, Abstract art, Fantasy, Action Painting, Expressionism
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63 x 27.6 x 0.8 inch
EUR 200.00
Hi, Paul!!!

I really feel this peace of work. I wrote a poem. I started a community project where I basically write poems to further communication and understanding in the South African (Africa) context. Would you mind if I show a picture of this abstract painting along with my Afrikaans poem on Face book and reference you as the artist? I would love if I could. Kind regards. Keep on rocking!
20.12.2012 11:45 by Jalene Jalene van Zyl
Hi, I love this picture , looking for something for a long time. Think I may have just found it x
20.10.2012 18:30 by Paula Goldstraw
Its a masterpiece.
I am just starting to learn abstract. Could you guide me as to how I should approach this art.
Thanks, Jal
10.5.2012 04:16 by JAL KHAMBATTA
Absolutely gorgeous. It just glows.
7.2.2012 06:03 by Katie Katie
i like ur painting very much ..........its awwesommmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
21.5.2011 07:02 by saini pinky
this is beautiful i love but i cant aford it
12.2.2011 05:48 by josh joshua
your painting is so bieautiful and I'm a young artist and I think that your painting will inspiring me because when I see your painting I am ... I don't find the good word for discribe my feeling. Thank you Paul for your amazing art .
9.2.2011 18:26 by Jessica Argenta
I love it! It is so beautiful. How did you do this???
11.8.2010 16:48 by Larissa D
Love it. I absolutely love trees and this is so simple, elegant and beautiful. What is your media?
24.3.2010 13:12 by Alesia Alesia Merris · URL
hey Paul Sinus can you give me the permition to make your great art works in the sims 3 game as pictures please
8.2.2010 13:06 by lunar arc
IM în veneraţie de informaţii, cum ar prime ....... care ar putea face aşa ceva
14.1.2010 17:17 by misty mysticeye
This is just beautiful. I can just stare at it for hours.
28.12.2009 04:40 by Rania Rania Elmadari
Awesome work some of the best abstract original art I've seen ever, keep it up mate.
4.12.2009 12:26 by Van Marciano Fabrizio · URL
i am amazed by the background of this piece!

where did you learn how to do it?
14.10.2009 21:36 by b brandon
... wirklich ein Traum
3.4.2009 13:38 by Sylvia Ostermann
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