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Peter Janssen Biography

C.V. of Peter Janssen

Peter Janssen, whose complete name is Peter Tamme Weyert reveals the original roots of the family. He was born on 29th of March 1906 in Bonn. Already a couple of months after the birth of their first son, the Janssen family moved back to Düsseldorf.
The father, a well known surgeon and later founder of the Golzheimer Clinic, accepted the appointment as Professor to the Medical Academy.

Peter Janssen’s mother Martha came from the well reputed bankers-family Leiffmann.


1906 Peter Janssen born 29. March in Bonn.
1923-1926 Studies at the Düsseldorf’ Academy of Arts under Heinrich Nauen, Johan Thorn-Prikker und Karl Ederer.
1926-1928 Studies in Paris at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere
1928-1930 Peter Janssen lives as independent artist in Düsseldorf.
1935 Exclusion by the Nazis from the Reichskammer der bildenden Künste. He is prohibited to paint and have exhibitions. Stay in Spain.
1944 On 11. November Peter Janssen is arrested and is deported to the labour camp Lönnewitz.
1945 Escape from the concentration camp and hiding in Düsseldorf.
1945-1946 Cofounder of the Gallery Hella Nebelung and first personal exhibition after the war.
1952 He is awarded the Cornelius-Price of the city of Düsseldorf.
1957-1971 Appointed teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin.Peter Janssen is awarded the title “Professor” and lives as independent artist in Berlin.
1979 Peter Janssen dies in Berlin 18. March