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Art by Petra Foidl
Art by Petra Foidl
I am calling my art INTUITIVE PAINTING, because it is painting beyond official and technical rules and concepts. It is born out of each moment of intensity, beauty and deep awareness. Out of the resonance inside to a wonderful music, a touching experience with dancing, dreaming, being in nature, with somebody you love...
Mainly I am using watercolours (aquarell), oil -and normal pastells, and also gouache/tempera. Although I have never studied classical art stuff (only art therapy) I have discovered a part inside, which/who advises, leads and inspires me in my creative work -giving me presents of beauty and deep satisfaction. I experience colours as vital and powerful energy - so I like to play with them, often using only one colour to get into a kind of deep communication with it`s essence.
Thank you for visiting me and my paintings - enjoy and find your own resonance to them -
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For information about my work as an art therapist and coach for Intuitive Painting please feel free to visit my homepage

Petra Foidl