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Artist Member since 2009
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Ralf Kopp Biography

Ralf Kopp

Born 1973. Since 1995 Art Director. Since 1999 he has been working as an video artist and on occassion as an art exhibition architect. hr-Latelounge Audience Choice Award at eD-ward 2002. Spots for the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Medien e.V. (DSF, Kabel 1 und 3sat). “Deed against Intolerance”, 2000. Participation on exhibitions: 2000 –”Das Jahrhundert des Design” (Karlsruhe, Hannover) and 2002 – “Das Netz” (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin) – Art Karlsruhe 2007 – DiVa Fair 2005/2006 Cologne/New York – Shanghai Spring Art Salon 2003