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Eine gigantische Arbeit.
15.5.2011 17:59 by Ottmar Gebhardt · URL
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obwohl es so große werke sind wirken sie filigran. sehr ästhetisch, einfach schön.
18.12.2010 17:16 by Susi Rybak
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dear mr. Ralfonso g
we are pupil from a german grammar school in the 10th class..
we want to know more about your life, because we are very interested in your kind of art.
3.3.2010 12:50 by vincent van zwoll
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19.1.2008 18:51 by Markus Kistler
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I look forward to your thoughts and comments :)

your Ralfonso
17.1.2008 17:52 by Ralfonso G