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Renu G. Portrait

Renu G. 1966 was born in Thailand. After studying industrial-design, she moved to Switzerland.

The one hand, they are self-developed, on the other hand, she visited several training.

The Oberdorf/Switzerland resident artist paints in a special mix of Asian and Western culture. As an industrial designer with the traditional Asian art forms and apply a few in their modern images. The bridge between East and West succeeds her repeatedly in fascinating ways.

Invented full-Oil and acrylic paints pictures in a variety of styles. The most colorful pictures impress with their message.

The artist will work with their joy and distribute for thought. It hopes to take a virtual visit to or to a forthcoming exhibitions.
Renu G.
- You are looking for new pictures?
- You have bare walls?
- You have no time to visit galleries?
- You want to know how new works of art on your walls is applied?
- You want unique original works?
- You want the art to suit you?

My Services
- Art@work - art-full-service for offices, clinics, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, private, etc.
- You select paintings on
- Offer within your budget
- Framing-service
- Painting individual works of art for you
- Original pictures or fine art print
- On you find over 300 original works of art
- Different materials (oil, acrylic, etc.)
- Different style (landscapes, flowers, women, abstract, surealistisch etc.)
- Different colors
- Different sizes (- about 2m)
- Art4rent - pictures rental service, rental / purchase

I support you in the artistic design for your domicile.
Renu G.
Renu G.
art@work: more than a picture! separate rooms, 4-piece modular usable
art@work: special work for an very special building