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Rikka AYASAKI Biography

Rikka AYASAKI, Paris-based artist

Born in Japan. Honed traditional sumie (ink-wash painting) and exhibited in Japan before establishing herself in Paris (1999). Joined the Studios of fine Art of the Paris City (main professor A.Ros Blasco).
She exhibits in major French art fairs, in the French National Galleries of the Grand Palais, in the French Senate, and is invited to show her artwork in the UN Office in Geneva and in international art fairs in Europe, the USA, Saint Petersburg...

Her artwork illustrated numerous volumes of poetry, and she is celebrated by several critics as the "artist of intuition".
Rikka Ayasaki has received numerous awards and granted interviews to the media, notably to the French National TV - France 2 and Japanese and French radios.

Her semi-abstract landscapes are filled with poetic vibrations by an impressive use of colours, and are held in many private collections across the world (leading creators and artists, private clinics...).

British art & culture magazine, «Aesthetica»

*From Tokyo to Paris- Insight into the Work of Rikka Ayasaki*

Ayasaki expresses a variety of emotions using red as her theme colour in a very distinctive movement. This style stems from the time where she initially painted in black and white and reflects the strong personality of a unique woman who loves the colour red. The halfway abstract landscapes are poetic with a striking use of colour . Ayasaki exhibited in the prominent French art salons, notably in the French National Galleries of the Grand Palais and the Louvre Museum. Her work is held in many private collections by medical centers, famous musicians in France, Japan, UK, USA and others.